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WinApay Plan To Make Learning Fun And Rewarding

WinApay Plan To Make Learning Fun And Rewarding

WinApay Plan To Make Learning Fun And Rewarding.

WinApay is one of the largest educational platform in Africa with the mission to make learning fun and rewarding. it has come up with processes that makes every single content on his platform Game-based (Gamify). WinApay.com which started strictly as a quiz trivia game that reward people in form of cash for answering knowledge-based question on various industries have tried to diversify its operation toward making learning fun and entertaining.

An in-house information about this upgrade has been confirmed as to what it will look and feel like and their plans on engaging and creating the awareness of the platform. With over more than 80,000 users on the platform learning about one new thing or the other, the platform has grown so big to meet almost all the demand of every users.

Users can create and play games of their choice. Users can either make their games paid or free game. This features will help build a strong relationship between game creators and players and also serve as a means to generate funds for the creator and the player.


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