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Top 5 Ed-tech Platform Innovation in Africa

Top 5 Ed-tech Platform Innovation in Africa

The Nigeria educational sector is constantly Innovating. Gone are those days where learning has to be on classes. With e-learning, people can sit in the comfort of their home to learn.

The following startup has shown development in their various ways in which they are solving the educational Problem in Africa.


Top 5 Ed-tech Platform Innovation in Africa



WinApay.com is an online game base platform designed to make learning Fun and Rewarding. WinApay was founded on December 2017 by Zimako Daniel Great and Robert Ebafua both which were secondary school mate and best friends.

It has grown to become one of largest online Gamify learning platform in Africa.with winApay, you can create learning games, Play and Share to friends and family. You can create personality games,or fun games for people online to play. For every game you create, you set a Quiz to make it entertaining, interactive and fun.

It has been mentioned on few Africa blogs such as Disrupt Africa and even on Nigeria Investment platform.




PrepClass is an online academic solution provider/platform that connects tutors and learners. Founded by Chukwuwezam Obanor and Olumide Ogunlana, PrepClass is an online portal for students preparing for standardized tests in Nigeria.

With PrepClass, students pay to take practice tests that prepare them for an online or paper tests. They also use the latest web technologies to ensure that relevant local content such as past questions, past tests, class notes; interactive audio and 2D/3D videos are available to users (high school students, undergraduate students and Job seekers) on demand via their digital devices.

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Tuteria is a Nigerian tutoring platform that links qualified tutors to students in their area and within their budget. It was Founded by Godwin Benson and Abiola Oyeniyi.

Tuteria helps people connect with qualified tutors in their area to master the subjects, skills and exam check along with standard competency tests.



EduRecords is a cloud and mobile education platform that focuses on raw education data collection for data science purposes. It provides real-time/insightful reports including projections, learning path and suggestion on how best a child’s academic performance could be improved to their parents and educators. Its mission is to transform Africa to a developed continent by 2050, reduce crime and illiterates by providing each African with good, quality and equitable education irrespective of their location, age and financial background.



 ScholarX is a social impact EdTech startup that focuses on Education Financing to help young Africans access quality education through Scholarships, Crowdfunding and e-Learning. ScholarX helps connect young people with opportunities both home and abroad. Through the ScholarX app, available in free and premium versions, users can select parameters and scroll through lists of available scholarships that match their requirements. Scholarship opportunities are available to students in undergraduate, masters and PhD level.

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