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TEF2019 Grant of $5,000 Application Opens

TEF2019 Grant of $5,000 Application Opens

TEF2019 Grant of $5,000 Application Opens

TEF2019 is an annual grant funding Opportunity for Africa promising Entrepreneurs. TEF means Tony Elumeu Foundation and the foundation is aim at funding Africa startup business Idea through Grant.

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The Application opens on the 1st of January and will close on the 1st of March , 2019. Aspiring entrepreneurs with good business idea are encourage to Apply.

Note this application is FREE and you don’t need any capital to start or Apply. After the application process, the name of 1,000 Entrepreneurs will be announced on the 27th of march and with a good business idea, yours might be selected.


Section Criteria for the Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship program

  1. – Feasibility of your business idea.
  2. – Market Opportunity: you must have good Knowledge about your business idea and understanding of the market and the customers and competitors for that idea/business.
  3. – Financial knowledge: you must have a good Understanding of the basic financial requirements of running a business, costs and revenues.
  4. – Scalability: your business idea must demonstrate the potential to grow and repicate and create wealth
  5. – Have good Leadership and Entrepreneurial Skills: As an entrepreneur you must Demonstrate leadership potential and the capable of attracting customers and resources.

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