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3 skills or business to have that makes money in Nigeria

3 skills or business to have that makes money in Nigeria

Today we will be looking at 5 skills one can easily learn which will eventually become a source of revenue.

Please, do bear in mind that this article is coming from a perspective and not a mandatory or a must skill to have before you can make money.

With that being said, lets get into it right away.

3 skills to learn that makes money in Nigeria

1. Hair Making / Salon

According to personal research, I have come to realize that almost everywhere I go to, I must see a Salon. Either Unisex, Female only or Guys only.

You might be saying Hair making is for Ladies only, plus I don’t think I have the time to start learning hair making.

You see, the interesting thing about this business is that it actually does not take much time to learn plus also, if you have been following trend, you will notice guys have been making hair too.

However if you actually do not like the Idea of making hair for others or maybe you don’t think you want to make hair for other. Well its alright. Which brings me to the Idea of owning a  salon.

Owning a salon is what you can do if you feel you don’t want actually do not have time for learning. All you just need is a good Location, and of course someone to manage it if you have no Idea on the salon business.

I suggest if you want to own a salon and you don’t have an idea on the business, go to salons and see how they operate. You can pick some Ideas from there.

PS: In a very good location and good hair stylist, you can make up to #35,000 within a week if not more than.


2. Fashion Designing

We see it every where, we do it one way or the other, we even go to people to make us look good by giving them a dress to make for us.

The Fashion Designing business is worth over a billion dollar. Yes over a billion dollar!

In fact, in the city of Lagos Nigeria, you must have noticed that there are fashion designers almost every where.

From research I have come to realize that it takes max of six month, if you are very a fast learner, and can take up to a year for a normal pace to learn.

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The demand for having good fashion designers is very high. One thing that matters the most is creativity in this market. Once people notice you are creative they will definitely rush up to you, which also means more money.

The only thing about this is that you definitely need a skill in this business to get stated, other than that.

In Rural Areas for a start, you might not make much from a dress. You can be making up to #7,000 to #10,000 per dress.

In Urban areas, you can make up to #70,000 per dress.


3. Programming

Lastly on this list is programming.

Hold on before you say this is not for me, you should know by now that coding as it is popularly called is not meant for some people, but for everyone.

Trust me, If you want to become part of those to  take advantage of making money in the future and now, Programming is the right skill to have.

Let me say it here and now. You do not need to really have a computer science degree or even study computer science in school before you can learn to code.

You can start from no experience at all to a professional in programming. All that is desired is the desire to learn as it is also required for every other skill. Once you have the desire to learn. You are free to get started.

Some Private companies in Nigeria do not even remember to ask you for your certificate in the I.T industry. All they are interested in most of the time is what you have to offer them. Having a skill such as Programming is more that enough to offer.

On the long run, Government companies will look for you definitely have made your self an asset.

Interestingly, there are free courses online to get started. You can drop your questions in the comment section for more guide.

PS: The I.T Industry is over worth 70 billion dollars. You also can start making money from home if you know how to code.


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