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Nigeria Ebook site finally goes Live

Nigeria Ebook site finally goes Live


Nigeria is a very populous country with more than 180 million people. It shows that Nigeria has a huge potentials Market for book sales.

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Ebook is an electronic book that is written with the use of your electronic device. It can be access only as a  soft copy. Unlike, the traditional printed book that cost you money and time.  Ebook are different from traditional printed books because they are easy to create and can be saved on your mobile phone. They have their own advantage over the Traditional Books. Ebook has evenly becomes more popular because it is easy to write and very low cost is needed to produce.

Ebook publishing are popular because this books are information product that are sold to reader. Bloggers and Information Expert uses this means to make more money Online. Though it will take someone who is very experience to write a book online.

Mybook.com.ng is a Nigeria ebook site that enable people read books that transform their Life. This books are mostly written by experienced business personnel that teaches you how to run a business Online.

Mybook.com.ng was Launched on the 7th of January, 2019 and have a lot of create books to buy from great authors in Nigeria.


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