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Make Money Online With This Secret

Make Money Online With This Secret

Make Money Online With This Secret

Making Money Online is a very Big Game , Mostly in a country like Nigeria , where you have the bad, the Good and the Devils. Though Nigeria is a good start and making money Online is easy but you need to  know the secret to Make Money Online.

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Making Money Online is now a very popular terms used by people. Everyone just want to make money Online even without the knowledge on how the Online World Works.

I will be taking you through the Secret of making Money Online in Nigeria. This Secret are simple to follow and abide to, if you obey the secret of making money Online, you won’t regret at all.

Nigeria is said to have over 97 million internet users and this shows that there is a potential market for Nigerians. The Internet is like a market place full with a lot of people. Some of them buyers , some sellers and Other Criminals. Don’t mind me … am just being sincere here.



The first secret, you must know in other to make money online is your Target Audience.  you have to know who your target audience are and this target audience is your targeted customers. Those who need your product are the key people you should Target.


The second secret is platform. The platform is your business website  and it can either be a Blog or a register Online platform that you registered with. An Online platform serve as a store or workplace online that people visit to pay for your service or product.

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One way to make money is to offer value product or services that the people ( the target customer ) need and are willing to pay for.



Thirdly you need  Traffic. You need a huge traffic to get your customers to your platform. And as starter, the best way to get traffic to your business is through advertising. Advertising plays a very important role in Generating traffic for your business, but mind you…

You have to advertise on popular blog that have much traffic so as to gain some percent of their traffic or customers to your website.


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