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How To build Great Product That attract Millions Of People

How To build Great Product That attract Millions Of People

How To Build Great Product That attract Millions

Of  People

The entrepreneurship journey is not as easy as you Think. Starting a business and Building great product are two different Thing. Starting a Business is easy compare to when you are building a great product that millions of people need.

Everyone can start a business just as we see in our everyday life and environment. You can start a business today but all you need is capital and maybe a little knowledge on how to get Profit from that business. While we leave in a world where great Product are not easily talked about, but rather felt it is hard building one. Great Companies and individuals are focusing their life studying and researching what great product to build next.

This is how to build Great product below:

Data and Research

Every great business invest time on Research and Data gathering. You need to get data about what the users or the market needs. Use real time data from your competitors or conduct a survey about your niche and generate data from people in your market.

One good advantage about data gathering is the ability to know exactly what the market need and how to target key areas where you will need to improve on that product.

Simplify the usage

The best and most predicted way to create a great product that attract millions of people is in the Simplicity of the product. Every customers should be able to use your product without asking for help or support. See your product as a tools that must be understood and easily use by people at first glance.

You don’t want to spend money and time marketing a product that users can’t relate or understand the functionality but rather keeping the product simple and easy to navigate is an added advantage.

Feel like The User

One way to know if a user will like a product is first being the users and not the product engineer. Many product engineer develop product only them could understand and use just because they love the design or color. You design or create product for people, therefore it is not about you, but about the people who need that product.

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You should always be the users of your product and if possible show it out to trusted and credible people for feedback either positive or negative. Use the negative feedback to redesign a product for positive recommendation.

Good Marketing

Every product need marketing campaign to get to the eyes of millions of people who needs it. A good marketing campaign is one who portray a product in such a way, the audience can feel the need of the product rather than the marketing concept behind it. You do good marketing by understanding human behavior of a certain market and how they relate to a certain code of communication. Your marketing should be more Impacting than more of the selling.

Many audience don’t like to be marketed to. but developing a strategic marketing that portray the importance of the product and usefulness of the product will gear the mind of audience to want to try it out.


Every genuine product that attract millions of people always have a feedback system. The feedback help strengthen the product design process and help the developers or product designer work on the priority of the feedback given either by the users or audience.

Innovate With Time

Innovation is a key player in product design. An innovative product always become a great product when it is simple to use, Useful and meet a need.

The Innovation of a product from time to time keeps the product relevance and bring more curiosity in the mind of users on what the next product version or Upgrade might look or feel like.


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