How Quicknews Works

About Quicknews

Quicknews is Nigeria First Digital News and Data Service.

You earn money on Quicknews when you Buy Data or Refer people to Quicknews

For every data you buy on quicknews, your progress increase by 25%. Once you have bought Data 4times on the platform, the platform gives you a Free 2GB Data.

You can choose to convert the Data to cash at N500 to your wallet or receive the data to your official number immediately.

When you refer someone to buy Data on Quicknews, you receive N200 instantly when they buy data.

Benefits of using Quicknews

You get 2Gb data everytime you buy data on Quicknews after 4 times.

You earn ₦200 for everyone you Refer to Buy Data on Quicknews.

Withdraw your money into your bank account Any day, Anytime, Anywhere

Minimum withdrawal is ₦200.

Getting Started

To use Quicknews, you have to Register to be a member of the community. Once you become a member, you can buy data, access your referral link and start making money referring people to Us. you can also create news and discussion on Quicknews for FREE.

How can I Fund my wallet?

You can fund your wallet by clicking on the >>Fund Wallet>> menu and pay either Online or via bank transfer to the business account details on your Quicknews account.
Immediately Funding your wallet, you can start enjoying the Quick Data services

How much is the minimum withdrawal?

You can withdraw any amount from 200 naira and above.

Must I buy the data within a particular period to get 2Gb?

No. You can buy data anytime and the system will record your progress. Once you complete 100% , you will receive the data.
There is no expiring period to receive or claim the 2Gb

When Can I withdraw my money?

You can withdraw your money anytime, anyday and receive your earning from your wallet to your bank account in less than 30 minutes.