How Quicknews Works

About Quicknews

Quicknews is Nigeria First Digital News and Discussion Forum for quick information and Quick services to its users.

It is dedicated to everyone interested in Making Money Online and Creating Viral Content. You earn money on Quicknews for being an active member.

Benefits of using Quicknews

Buy data and pay bills for a lower price. (e.g ₦1,200 data you can get it for ₦950).

Get ₦5,000 every month for one year completing your tasks.

Withdraw your money into your bank account Any day, Anytime, Anywhere. Minimum withdrawal is ₦200.

Access to Go-Viral.

All these benefits are available to all premium members

Getting Started

To use Quicknews, you have to Register to be a member of the community. Once you become a member, you can Create your own content, comment on discussion and News and every week a task is assign for you to share on any of your social media account (Facebook and twitter)

You can also edit your bio and add a quick information about yourself or what you do. Quick news give you more visibility as you comment and create post.

Quick Data Service is a service operated by Quicknews to enable members buys data, airtime and pay bills faster. You can subscribe as an agent with 200Naira Monthly to buy data and pay bills below standard pricing rate.

How can I Fund my wallet?

You can fund your wallet by clicking on the >>Fund Wallet>> menu and pay either Online or via bank transfer to the business account details on your Quicknews account.

Immediately Funding your wallet, you can start enjoying the Quick Data services

How much is the minimum withdrawal?

You can withdraw any amount from 200 naira and above.

Must I Have Referral before I can withdraw?

No. you don’t need referral to withdraw.

When Can I withdraw my money?

You can withdraw your money anytime, anyday and receive your earning from your wallet to your bank account in less than 30 minutes.

When will I receive the Monthly 5,000Naira and What's the criteria?

Active members who completes their task done will receive the 5,000 Naira Monthly payout to their wallet at the end of Month (30th).

The criteria are: You must complete all your monthly task ( That is, your task progress must be 100% completed by month end.

Can I share the GO VIRAL content?

Yes. You can share the Go viral content assign to you every weekend.