How Do Average Nigerian Couples Have More Than 2 Children? Gossip 326 views

Mara - Author

I know this my thread might get some people angry but it’s a subject that surprises me whenever I think of it. How do normal Nigerians who are educated have more than 2 children in a country like Nigeria with all the poverty & hopelessness? I am still single but I have it in mind to lay a ground rule that whichever woman I marry must agree to family planing methods after the birth of the 1st child whether male or female. And if the 1st baby is male, we can as well wait for another 5 years before having a baby of either sex as the last.

But I wonder when I see Nigerians that are not so wealthy giving birth to 4 - 5 kids in the midst of grinding economic depression and in a nation that has clearly failed. Don’t these Nigerians know that the country can descend into war anytime due to the instability that is so palpable? I get afraid when I see couples who have 4 children in this day & age so I always wonder how they are coping with the stress & the bills. I also wonder why they are not afraid of Nigeria.

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