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The debate over whether Karim Benzema should be in the French national team has come to the fore again.
The striker's form for Real Madrid has led many to question whether Didier Deschamps should give him a call-up.

Benzema hasn't played for France since 2015 after the incident with Mathieu Valbuena.

Shortly after falling out of Deschamps' plans, Benzema fuelled the dispute further with comments he made to MARCA.

"Deschamps has given in to the racist part of France," he said.

However, L'Equipe ran a survey on Monday asking whether Benzema is currently the best French striker, with 73 percent of voters saying yes.

Apart from Kylian Mbappe, you'd argue that Benzema has a strong case when compared with any other of France's forwards.

Antoine Griezmann isn't at his best, neither is Olivier Giroud, and Ousmane Dembele isn't playing consistently.

"He's always wanted to play for the national team," Zidane explained when questioned on the matter.
I don't know exactly what's happening but, for me, he's the best in footballing terms and he would have a place [in my squad].

"I have no problem with him saying this," Deschamps said of Zidane's comments.

"He's the Real Madrid coach, it's his job to speak like that."
It's unfair," Benzema said in 2017.

"If it's for something other than sport, if it's because of what happened with Valbuena, I haven't been found guilty until this day.

"It's been a year and a half since I played for France and I think I've served my time now.

"I would like an explanation from the coach to see if it's a sporting matter or not."

There still hasn't been an explanation from Deschamps and Benzema is still serving his time away from Les Bleus.

Will benzema ever play for france again

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This question; Will benzema ever play for france again ? Is a question only God knows. 0