Have you ever get injured while having s*x before? Ómo it hurts.😫

Mine was in 2019 one random girl visited to chop the cucumber 🍆, carrot🥕and banana🍌. Ómo we decided to spice it up by doing it on the rug carpet.

Mehn I didn’t feel any pains tho but after we are done knacking, I noticed that my knee hurts so bad. I checked, ómo my knee don peel off. I couldn’t walk well for days.

Then in December 2020 my d*ck almost broke while doing the do with a bestie. I felt the pain for months. I fully recovered from the pains in March 2021. Lol

And you, what’s your experience?

MATURE MINDS ONLY!! What’s Your Worst Sex Injury & How Did It Happen?

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