How Do I Stop Betting? Entertainment 533 views

Zimakod - Author

If God answers all prayer, I would have been dead because I told him to take my life if I ever go into betting.

I told Sango, god of thunder to take my life if I ever repeat my past mistake yet I am finding it very difficult to let go.

I think it will be easier for me to make heaven than to quit betting forever....I have done a lot of things to let go of my addiction, but none is working.

I believe a problem shared is half solved that's why I'm bringing this here.

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Cephas Reply

You should get someone and explain your issue to the person , possibly an older individual, then set down goals, possibly like ''I won't bet till the end of this week " you should also let the person know about it, and if you can make it, extend the time, it might Not be easy at first, but with determination you will certainly overcome 0


Thank you sir. I will do as you advice. I hope it works out

Explorer Reply

You will have to live football for some period of time 0


😮Ah how can that be possible sir. Football is a way I use to stepdown and be happy.

Yceeee Reply

Betting is a bad habit 0

Kent90 Reply

Betting is a bad habit but it helps financially atimes 0


yes, you said sometimes, but have lost alot

Kelvin Reply

Let go 0


how kelvin? You think it's easy. I'm trying my best

Oluwadamilare Reply

Be doing something that is bringing money even if it is small money 0