Imagine you’re confronted with these two options as a Jobless Nigerian, which of the options will you opt for?

A few of the things we know about Government jobs is that you always have time for yourself outside the normal working hours, the pay might not be stable as the government can owe you for many months. This is Nigeria – Na normal level.

Private Job has mostly been said to take all your time, sometimes even your weekends that’s meant to create time for yourself. The do’s and don’ts can kill you.

In terms of the pay, Government Job cannot stand in comparison with Private Job – But even with that, we’ve seen people who rather opt for Government Job instead of Private job.

Sure there’s a reason behind that decision – but I will like to know.

So Guys 👇

Between A Private Job Of N70K Salary Or A 40K Salary Government Job? – Which One Will You Choose?

Let’s hear from you…

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