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To understand this topic, lets simply define the big grammar “Innovative” 😀

“Innovative is simply introducing new ideas; original and creative in thinking”

That’s all!

A Manager must evolve and grow to adapt to the fast paced nature of modern football.

If you are not thinking of new ways to do something, you will get left behind.

Maybe that’s why the much respected Arsene Wenger failed to win a Premier League title since 2004 during his tine at Arsenal. He stuck to his old principle that won him success in the past, but were outdated in the present times.

Alex Ferguson stayed a winner during his years at Man United

In contrast to Alex Ferguson, who continued to evolve year after year to bring glory glory to Manchester United until his retirement.

Now, In this present age and in your own opinion 👇

Who Is The Most ‘Innovative’ Football Coach In The World Right Now?

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