Hello fellow Naijaloadites, how have you been and was your holiday?

I know some of you has been wishing that the holiday should not be over, well it is understandable.

Anyway, we are here again with our TALK ZONE segment.

Today we will be asking if anyone has ghosted you before, and if yes, how did you handle it?

There is this my uncle that always calls me back then to advise me, stay away from women, cultism, gambling, drugs and the likes.

One time I was having some financial issues, so I needed money to complete my rent.

Don’t have any option other than to call him o.

The guy man said he will get back to me the next day, waited 4 for his call I didn’t see, 2days later I called him severally he didn’t pick.

Till now no call no show. Na so uncle ghosts me o.

Has Anybody Ghosted You Because You Asked For Favour?

Share your experience in the comment section below.

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