Have you heard of the latest trend called SMAN and SWAN?

Some few Nigerian men had created an association they called “Stingy Men Association Of Nigeria(SMAN)” with the motto: “Don’t Give Shi shi or Let Me See What I Can Do”. It is partially for fun and realities of life.

To counter SMAN, Nigerian women decided to come up with Stingy Women Association Of Nigeria (SWAN) with the motto: “Do Not Open or Do Not Give Free Pussy”.

This simply means no money, no sex.

LMAO! Does it mean our women has nothing else to offer than sex?

Well, the question is, Who Do You Think Will Win This Battle?

If the men keep their money and women keep their p*ssy, who will give up or beg first?

Stingy Men Association VS Stingy Women Association Challenge: Who Do You Think Will Win This Battle?

Let’s hear from you all.

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