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It is the largest online Gamify learning platform in Africa and was design for everyone irrespective of your age, gender, job or professional status. With WinApay, you can create learning games, Play and Share to friends and family. You can create personality games,or fun games for people online to play. For every game you create, you set a Quiz to make it entertaining, interactive and fun.

You can either create a paid game or a free game. With a paid game, You get paid anytime someone play your game, while the Free Game generate point and reputation.

WinApay choose to pay users on the Leaderboad monthly for Learning and you can participate for the fun of it. Currently more than 80,000 people use winapay.

How To Create Games On WinApay
You can create game on winApay in Three (3) simple Steps
1. Click On the CREATE GAME menu, and fill the Information of the game topic.

2. set a question about that topic, highlighting bullet-point use to explain that topic. User or players are meant to read them and take the quiz about that topic. For every questions user answer, they get point and their reputation increase simultaneously. You also get Point for every game people play too.

3. Choose to either make it a paid or a free game, then submit, preview and share to friends and family. Once winApay finds your content interesting, they tends to display it On the Front page where your content is seen by millions of people. This help to increase your game visibility and point generated. you also get additional 30 or 70 point extra if it is a free or paid game respectively.

In conclusion, Learning can be interesting and competitive with a lot of fun mostly when friends and family are involved. Click the share button if you find this post educative.

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