Nothing Musa no-go see for gate..

I heard that some products of Escaped Liquid Sperm that should have been prevented with N50 condom, are comparing their parents with Otedola. If you dare compare or drag your poor parents into this, you’re a BASTARD in David Ibiyeomie voice. And if you frown at this post, then you’re a legal Bastard in Daddy Freeze voice.

Nobi your mate dey do Yahoo or money ritual? If you need Ferrari badly then use your left ball or right breast for ritual. ODE.🙄

If Otedola bought 3 Ferrari for his daughters and so? Does that make him better than your parents?🙄😏

Stop stressing your innocent parents and go hustle! They’ve tried their best to bring you to life. Feed and cloth you till you become adult. Decide your fate! Bye.

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