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Are you a Muslim? Thinking of slautering a ram in this coming Eid al Adha?
Are you thinking of buying your ram two days or a day to the celebration?
Read below why you should buy your ram now.

Eid al Adha also called greater Eid, sacrifice feast or eid al Kabeer is an Islamic festival to commemorate the willingness of Ibrahim who also known as Abraham (peace and blessing be upon him) to follow his creator (God's) command to sacrifice his son.

Its celebrated on 10th day of dhul Hajj (Islamic month); at the time Muslims travel to Saudi Arabia for pilgrimage.

Eid al kabeer which will be celebrated on 31st of July 2020 is around the corner as its already known to most of us.

Why You Should Not Late To Buy Your Ram... Follow the link to continue reading https://www.operanewsapp.com/ng/en/share/detail?news_id=d09c0353a76c8257a25024449140040b&news_entry_id=s52d538ae200718en_ng&open_type=tanscoded&request_id=news_d7598243-961c-45dd-9ebc-b28796b24c36&from=news

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