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Housewife and side chick



housewife and her hubby side chick.

Angela leave my husband alone.

Angela : ma, please I will, but kindly permit me to collect the money he promised me, to enable me open a saloon.

Madam : How much is the money?

Angela: 250k ma.

Madam: send me your account number.


Angela : wow.. ma you sent 450k instead of 250k.

Madam : Yes 250k for the saloon, and 200k for defining your purpose of sleeping with him. I was once in your shoes.

Angela : Thanks and God bless you ma. But I have something to tell you ma.

Madam : Go on...

Angela: your husband told me that each time you return from work, you just take your bath and go to bed without preparing his meal as well having romantic discussion with him expect you want something from him.

Madam: He told you that?

Angela: Yes madam. Well ma, let me tell you how I handle him, so that he won't think of going out to look for young girls like us as I quit my relationship with him.

Madam: Ok go on.

Angela: ma, Once is 6pm and you are not yet home due to the nature of your work, call him and ask him what he will eat even if you won't be home on time to prepare it.

Madam: Am with you.

Angela : Branch a good restaurant and get the food, then see how best you can get home before him. Dish the food, and since he is not the kitchen type, he won't know if you bought it. Even if he knows, he will appreciate the fact that you care about him.

Madam: Go on

Angela: Then make sure you wear catapult pant and a transparent night gown, lay carelessly in the sitting room as he is eating.

Ma, Ensure you are wearing his favorite colour pant. He likes white and pink.

Madam: what?

Angela: Am not done ma, then as soon as he stand up from the dinning, ask him how he spent his day, and prophecy to him that tomorrow will be better and that great things are coming his way. Always be positive in your conversation. He told me you spend such time in gossiping others with him, as well reminding him of the family challenges when you Know he needs rest or words of encouragement after a stressful day.

Madam: Jesus so he told you this too?

Angela: ma, am not done, after those words, ensure he take his bath, and if possible give him body spray and prepare the bed for him to sleep. Don't ask him for sex as you always do according to him.

Madam: This is serious

Angela: ma, as you make your way to join him on bed, ensure you remove that pant, and sleep close to him with your night gown. Also ensure you use body spray too. Because he complain of you not smelling nice.

You can use good body spray like north for men, #NIVEA products, etc. Concentrate on your armpits ma.

Madam, after 20minutes, stylishly look at his manhood. I bet you, the idiot will be protesting. But because he is tired, his strength won't be there to take the first step.

Madam: hmmm.... Let me load and call you back.

Pum pum pum.... Phone ringing.

Angela: Hello ma, like I was saying, at this point, make use of your mouth for good 5mins, he will still be looking weak, don't relent, climb him like NIGERIA nepa staff, do the fucking, within 7minutes, the lion in him will come out. Please ma, always mourn to enable him cum fast since you were the one that initiated the process... Never mind if you didn't cum... The most important thing is that you are keeping your marriage from girls like us. The days of long lasting sex will always come. Sometimes quick sex are enjoyable. That is what we call short time and most men like it. Especially your husband. He told me you just keep mute during sex and if you manage to talk, is when you tell him you are tired.

Madam: Angela how old are you?

Angela : Am 23years ma.

Madam: My brother deserve a wife material like you. Please manage another 100k, I have a rich single brother and I promise not to tell him about your escapade with my husband, I will give your number to him. You are a nice girl, you just restored my home.

After few days, the same man credit Angela N250k, and in return he got this text message " Sir,thanks for this kind gesture. But I think this money is no longer needed. Your children deserve the best. Starving them while you give me this huge amount is unacceptable and God won't forgive me. Have you considered the joy or smile you will put on your wife's face if you give her this money? Please send me your account I don't need the money.

Man: Your message is touching, nevermind, keep the money and move on with your life.

# Facts

Many of you married women today, are responsible for all you are going through in your marriage. Women now compete with their husband instead of remaining loyal be called a royal queen mother and wife.

My advise to married women is that, it is better to approach their hubby side chick just like the woman did, then try to know those areas you aren't doing well which the side chick apply to win your man's heart.

When i say side chick, not the one night stand girls that he pays after sex. I mean that very particular lady that takes his time more, and make him feel at home each time they are together. She is the only opponent you have. If you are not careful, she will takeover your home without using charm. Listen prayers won't work, because the man needs happiness not deliverance.

As the saying goes, beauty will do you good by taking you to paradise, but only good attitude will keep you there, or sustain your stay.

May God give us wisdom.

Keynote: Don't ever attack your hubby's side chick. If you do, you might not win him back In the process. Because every man wants to protect his source of joy. No matter what it will cost him.

A good side chick is like a fly romancing a man's testis. You need an old man number six to chase that troublemaker from your manhood..

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