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How to choose a good domain name

How to choose a good domain name

Today, we will be talking about choosing a good domain.

A domain name is very important when it comes to the online market. In fact, it has a lot to do with the brand entirely.

Choosing a domain name can be very easy and yet so difficult.

It can be easy when you have a brand name that has followed the steps listed below, but difficult when you have it hard following the steps below or when your preferred domain name has already been used.

Enough of the talk and let’s move on to the steps.



1. Make it Short

Keeping a domain very short and easy to remember is what you should always have in mind when choosing a domain name. I recommend Maximum of 8 characters long


2. Make it clear

This is one part where most people make mistakes. You need to make your domain name clear.

Take a look at this (xtra vs extra). People will easily type in extra instead of xtra


3. Try to avoid Numbers and Hyphens

When choosing a domain name try to avoid numbers. e.g 5 can be confused for five.


4. Choose the right domain extension

A domain extension also have a role to play.  Your domain Extension could vary from (“.edu”, “.com”, “.org”, “.net”, e.t.c). I Suggest you pick a domain extension that suits your business.


5. Get it Right Away

Once you have gotten a domain name of your choice that suits the recommendation above, It is advisable that you get it right away.

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Every day domain names are being paid for. Tomorrow, your domain might just be one of the domain paid for.



Feel free to drop your Questions. Good Luck.

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